“Michael” Cunningham – OLD SITE

Please feel free to peruse my old site, but keep in mind that some item for sale on the old site have been sold or given as gifts
and no recent items have been added.

My current Apologia Home Page has some links to more recent Instgrams and a friend‘s fundraiser.

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Tales in Clay, Twice Told in Words and Pictures

Drawing Illumination Nowabicha Ask Your Doctor About Potentia

Pinch Pots

Straight ahead bowls, yunomis and dishes

Gourd Yunomi Flashing Slip Bowl Wood Chex


(Netsuke + Japonaiserie)
Tight, hand carved miniatures

FireFox Bee Stag Beetle


Functional items of little use
(Hurry, currently I only have one whistle left.)

Doodle Bug Doodle Bug Doodle Bug


Items that I am proud of
and want to keep on the website, but are now NFS

Despot B Gone Schweinpfeifen Armadillo


Carvings for special events and gifts

Air → Earth Chicken Butt 1001